Meet Neil DeGirolamo

Owner/Operator of ND Vending

Neil DeGirolamo lives an active life and knows that treating your body right can make a difference in achieving your goals.  Neil has 20+ years building relationships and working closely with people in customer service. He worked his way through college in a family-owned business and continued to support his family until pursuing his passion for teaching. Neil has been working in public service for over a decade as a special education teacher and currently holds a leadership role as Team Chairperson. He works closely with families, students, and support staff to design programming that supports students with special needs. Neil has also been active in his community coaching children in competitive baseball and softball programs and giving back to various organizations such as the Greater Boston Food Bank. Neil brings to ND Vending strong family values, a strong work ethic, excellent customer service skills, and a belief in utilizing healthier food and drink options to fuel the body. The goal at ND Vending is to provide healthy snacks and drinks to the community and promote a healthier lifestyle.


  • 20+ years building relationships with customers and families
  • Owner/Operator of a small driveway and maintenance business,  MA (2004 to 2011)
  • Special Education Teacher, MA (2012-2016)
  • Special Education Team Chairperson,  MA (2016- present)


  • B.S. in Business, Worcester State College, 2001
  • Masters in Special Education, American International College, 2012
  • Healthy University, training, 2022

ND Vending offers healthy solutions for

  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Sports and recreation centers
  • Medical facilities/nursing homes/
  • Apartment buildings
  • Businesses and manufacturing sites
  • And many more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In addition to taking cash and coins our machine has credit and debit card readers
  • Smart Card technology which allows us to change and upload machine settings
  • If a product is running low, we have 24 hour remote monitoring 
  • Energy saving mode to save on energy so no power is wasted when machine will not be used
  • Incentives- we are able to program the machine to offer employee discounts (reward an employee of the month)
  • An Entree or side dish vending option can be added for healthy meal options
  • Machines are accessible and are compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Our machines are Made in the USA

No, there is no cost to your business. In addition machines are stocked, serviced as frequently as needed by ND Vending with no fees.

ND Vending will stock the machine. This will be done as frequently as needed. With daily remote monitoring, we will know if a product is running low.  Most machines will need to be restocked once a week. If the machine needs to be filled on a more frequent basis, we will gladly increase the service. We strive for excellent customer service. This is one of the benefits to using a small local family owned business. 

If the volume of sale and demand of our healthy options are favorable, an addition of another machine can always be discussed. Some locations do warrant multiple machines such as large businesses or schools.

Your company can choose what is put in the machine.  Initially we will fill the machine with our most popular healthy products.  At any point, we can meet and discuss changes, additions as well as offering products to sample. 

We offer name brand products. You can find many of these items at your local grocery store in the healthy section. 

We have received extensive training. The areas of training involved include nutritional guidelines and product sampling. We have also gone through training on the operation  and maintenance of the machine. Inventory control and product management are also included in our training. Most importantly, customer service training is provided to all of our employees. The machine will be labeled with contact information for all patrons to be able to contact ND Vending with any concerns or ideas.

A basic customized agreement will be signed. This agreement will outline the responsibility of keeping the machine stocked and maintained. It will include the relationship between your business and us. This will ensure that all involved are comfortable.

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